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About SoMedia Networks

Change The Way You Think About Video

SoMedia Networks new approach to video production is changing how corporations, digital agencies, Internet marketers and broadcast/web media across North America think about video.

Our technology-first process and systems-driven approach to video production combined with a North America-wide managed crowdsourced network of videographers has changed the way video is produced and allows us to provide a broad range of video production solutions that break down the emerging barriers of scale, volume, and reach.

Cloud Computing, Process Engineering, and Crowdsourcing

Our business was developed with three guiding principles:

  • 1

    Cloud-based technologies

  • 2

    Crowdsource Workforce Management

  • 3

    Process engineering

Combining these principles has allowed SoMedia to develop and deliver innovative video production solutions that has transformed ‘video production’ from an expensive and complex creative endeavor into one that is simple, scalable, and affordable.

The Only Video For Resale Service in North America

ScalableVideo for Resale enables SoMedia's web services partners—web marketing, SEO, SEM, website design companies, and digital agencies of all sizes—to capitalize on the increasing demand for video content without the headaches or responsibilities of managing production, creative development, or the geographic limitations of traditional video production. SoMedia has transformed video production into a high margin, on demand web business product that can be resold by our partners anywhere in North America.