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The News Platform

Scalable On Demand and Syndicated News Production

SoMedia’s News Platform relies on the same cloud-based technologies, streamlined process control, and crowdsourced workforce management systems that drive the ScalableVideo platform. Because of the heightened complexity of news production and the challenges of generating timely content, the News Platform incorporates additional processes as part of a Total Editorial Control philosophy.


Total Editorial Control

Total Editorial Control starts with the integration of experienced assignment editors and senior news directors within the story development and pre production process. Regional or topic driven assignment editors develop a constant flow of story ideas, which are produced by SoMedia for syndication. On demand clients also feed orders into the system.

Once production has been initiated, the News Platform efficiently handles all aspects of assignment development, project scheduling, content production, editing, assembly, encoding, and distribution from start to finish. Video news assignments are produced and edited by news producers and news editors using virtual assignment desks to manage local video journalists from across North America.

Assignment Desk

The Assignment Desk is a sophisticated communications and job management system that is both regionally localized and operationally centralized. Acting as the back end to the News Platform, the Assignment Desk system manages video journalists, editors, and producers as they complete assignments and interact with other members of the production team.

Element Production and Editing

Individual elements such as interview clips, b-roll, scripts, and metadata are uniquely produced according to required specifications and uploaded to the cloud. Each element is placed into the editing queue and delivered to a centralized editing team for completion.

Assignment Generation and Requirements Mapping

Experienced news and assignment editors from across SoMedia’s network generate a constant flow of story ideas. Prior to commencing production, every story idea is researched, reviewed, and vetted. Mandatory content requirements are identified, and a news content workbook is assembled to include: the storyboard, shot list, and interview details.

Embedded Quality Controls

All news content creators are required to adhere to detailed job specifications and execute clearly defined tasks. Producers review all video production work and only approve pieces that meet the most stringent production quality requirements.

News professionals are evaluated and rated based on skill level, experience, and performance and are managed within the Video Journalist Management System.