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Video Production Anywhere, Anytime, in Any Volume

Powered by a vetted and managed crowdsourced workforce of video professionals and a cloud-based video platform that handles all aspects of the video production process, Scalable Video is professionally shot video content, in any volume, anywhere in North America, delivered in 14 days or less.

  • On-Demand
  • Anywhere in North America
  • High Volume
  • Cost Effective
  • Repeatable
  • Measurable
  • Guaranteed
  • Delivered in 14 days or less

Video Production Transformed

Scalable Video is video production transformed - from an expensive, complicated and geographically-confined process into a repeatable, reliable, and standardized business solution. Scalable Video is for any business looking to scale up their use of online video content, including corporations, digital agencies, platforms, Internet marketers and news media.

Video production,
on-demand, anywhere in North America

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Video Production for Resale

Scalable Video Production for Resale enables digital agencies, web marketers, SEO, SEM, and website design companies of all sizes to capitalize on the increasing demand for video content without the headaches and responsibilities of managing production, creative development, or the geographic limitations of traditional video production.

SoMedia has transformed video production into a high margin, on-demand business solution, resold by our partners in any volume, anywhere in North America.

How the Platform Works

Partners simply log into the reseller portal and order videos for their clients from a standardized, fixed price selection of video types and lengths. Once the order is placed, creative input gathering and scheduling is either provided by the partner or pushed to the end client through a simple and easy to understand online interface designed specifically for the SMB market. No knowledge of video production is required.

From there SoMedia takes care of the rest. The finished video is available for review and download in less than fourteen days from the scheduled shoot—guaranteed. Our 100% Quality Guarantee means that every video is completed to the satisfaction of our partner no matter what it takes.

Custom Video Content for Business

From standard business profiles to custom, multi-camera, multi-location shoots, SoMedia delivers high quality video content, in any volume, optimized for any device.

Scripted Ads

Completely scripted and professional online commercials complete with voiceovers and music, designed to drive traffic and acquire new customers.

Video Profiles

Overviews of a company, product, service, place or person, complete with personal interviews, designed to engage, educate and attract new business.

Video Testimonials

Professionally shot interviews discussing businesses, products or services, designed to build customer trust and loyalty.

Video News Releases (VNRs)

Company announcements produced as professional news pieces, often delivered in conjunction with a traditional, written press releases.

Custom Videos

Professional video content customized to meet any client requirement.

Campaign Video Production for Brands, Media and Digital Agencies

Custom ScalableVideo provides brands, the media, digital and marketing agencies with access to standardized, on-demand video production services, in volume, anywhere in North America at the lowest price points. Ideally suited to geo targeted multiple location campaigns or for high volume projects SoMedia’s sophisticated, cloud-based video production platform—The ScalableVideo Platform—can be adapted to provide any clients with custom standardized video production to match campaign specifications and budgets.